Welcome to the all-new Sabadell Studio creative home of myself McRostie.

Here I hope to share some of my studio work but private and commercial. I am hoping that as time goes by this blog will build into a useful tool for new artists. The topics will be quite open but revolve around photography, art & the creative business as a whole.

I will have to make a deliberate plan to record projects as they come through the studio, that I know is going to be easier said than done but we will just have to see how we get on. For people who do not know me, I am a rather long in the tooth creative born in wilds of Northumberland now spending the rest of my days in sunny Catalunia. I work in only a few disciplines now photography, web-design and to keep me from going totally crazy painting. For me the pleasure gained creating a pleasing arc or line with a piece of charcoal is sublime. I can only compare it to the pleasure I get when listening to a saxophone gliding from one long note to another.

The most common question people ask me are as follows

How do you start a painting or work.

How did you start painting.

How do you get a photograph to look like that.

Is it a painting

what material did you use

That should keep me busy please feel free to reach out to just say hi or ask a question.

Mixed media